Information and insights are foundational working tools at IMAGES, whether we use existing client research or recommend initiating specialized information gathering. IMAGES Market Research is a full-service market research company and a wholly owned subsidiary of IMAGES USA. We can quickly initiate focus groups, online surveys, polling, mystery shopping, and telephone studies. We then synthesize that data, whether it's consumer or business-to-business research, using analytical approaches to help our team nourish the creative process. We stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge gathering by authoring custom studies, hosting ongoing online focus groups, and maintaining industry partnerships.

IMAGES Market Research is affiliated with a network of diverse, talented, multi-lingual and seasoned focus group moderators. IMAGES Market Research can do a turnkey job from research planning and design, question design, data collection and analysis, to evaluation. We maintain membership access to secondary research with Claritas, Simmons, Find SVP and other databases. We offer on-site and off-site monitoring to our clients for telephone studies. We have an experienced field staff. We are an Atlanta member of Active Group, which provides off-site Web casting of focus groups with real time audio and video.